Fender 57/62 Pickups – Quick Demo

Vintage Tone to Spare

This quick demo demonstrates the range of tones available from the Fender Original 57/62 pickup set. All the vintage goodness that you expect from a vintage-voiced pickup set are there.  These pickups are a little on the bright side. But plenty of bottom end can be achieved by just rolling down the tone (wired to the neck and bridge pickups), or adjusting the eq settings on your amp. I prefer to put an overdrive in front of any amp I use, and that is reflected in the recording.

The 920D Custom Shop did an excellent job wiring this pickguard. All their loaded pickguards are handwired using super high quality components.  This particular one uses CRL switches and gravity vintage wiring to retain the vintage vibe throughout.

Check out our Strat Mods – Bring your Guitar Back to Life with Loaded Pickguards article for more loaded pickguard options.




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